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Leppard Labs is a team of developers that enjoy taking on complex engineering problems. We specialize in mobile applications and prototype hardware and software development. Our team has years of industry experience and we are driven to deliver excellent products for our clients. Leppard Labs is able to bring project costs down while maintaining high standards and following software engineering best practices.

"As an Alliance Partner, Leppard Labs provides broad expertise in software engineering, with depth in mobile app development and system architecture and implementation of complex, data driven applications." Steve Bissell, President of Bissell Group

Because of Leppard Labs' industry experience and our strategic partnerships, we can deliver mobile solutions that will connect your mobile apps and data to the cloud. Leppard Labs can deliver videos through APIs and works with industry giants like Brightcove and Amazon.

Our strategy of working through a group of close partnerships allows us to bring a wide range of capabilities to our clients. Some examples:

  • App or other business data processed through Business Intelligence systems and reported via a web page or through iPads. 
  • Engaging videos produced for social media or other product needs.
  • Social Media strategy developed using video or other viral products.

Leppard Labs, working with their partners, will deliver a complete and well-designed strategy without your needing to work with several vendors directly.